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Baby not sleeping?

Are you not getting the sleep you need and exhausted from soothing your baby through the night?  I am here to provide you with the advice and tools you need to teach your baby independent sleep skills and healthy sleep habits.  Whether you have a newborn, infant, toddler, or child, you have come to the right place to get the help you need.

Sleep Services

My name is Siranush, and I am here to help!  Take a look around my site to see what I have to offer.  Don’t forget to enter your name and e-mail address below to get your FREE “Five Steps to Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night!” report!

How Does a Sleep Consultant Help?

With all the resources out there, it can be quite overwhelming to figure out how to teach your child to sleep, especially when you are sleep deprived yourself.  I create a customized sleep plan specifically for each child based on the child’s needs, family situation, parenting style, and cultural philosophies.  I would love to work with your family to help your little ones learn healthy sleep habits and independent sleep skills.


  • Annie
    “Last week I never expected this to even be possible. I’m so proud of the little guy and I can’t even begin to thank you enough! You’ve not only helped me help him sleep better but you helped give me my sleep and life back! Just 4 days ago I was ready to quit breastfeeding from being so exhausted nursing him to sleep all night. But everything changed now. You’re amazing thank you!!! Happy baby happy mommy”
  • Ashley
    “She was extremely professional.  Her plan was so simple and easy to understand.  She answered any questions I had immediately.  When something did not work we were able to reevaluate the plan and make changes accordingly.  Honestly, she has been very easy to talk to and has made me feel like we've known each other since the beginning.  She has checked in often and has been there when I needed to call or text as well.”
  • Gohar
    “We all are shocked, but happy because she is sleeping!  I love the fact she is able to sleep through the night.  Now, after she sleeps, I actually have time to do things around the house.”
  • Asya
    “I’m happy with no longer rocking him on foot for 1-2 hours! I thought that was like the only/expected way we’re supposed to put them to sleep. Now he wiggles around in my arms when I rock him briefly, and gets comfy as I lay him down. What else can we train my son to do? Laundry?  You gave me the confidence and clear direction in knowing what to not be concerned about, what's normal and what will go away as he adjusts to this method of putting himself to sleep.”
  • Nvart
    “We are so thankful that we learned about Sarah's work with sleep training.  She is a trustworthy and intelligent individual, and working with her reinforced that thought.  I was relieved to know that we could work with someone who was able to provide a gentle method to sleep train our child.  I had avoided sleep training for a long time because I could not fathom listening to my child cry for minutes or hours on end and not go to him to soothe him.  We are so happy that our son is getting the rest he needs and has developed the amazing ability to sleep on his own and soothe himself back to sleep when he awakens.  We are very happy with the service Sarah provided to us and would recommend her to anybody facing sleep issues with their children.”
  • Lyssa
    "My son was waking multiple times a night, at least one feed, and would stay up for 1-2 hours around 1am.  I was exhausted and he was cranky!  We tried sleep training on our own, but after our little guy vomited multiple times from crying, we gave up.  After going through with the program, he now falls asleep on his own so easily and sleeps through the night... it's like a completely different baby!  He never came close to vomiting- it was very gentle and no leaving baby to cry it out.  Siranush was so helpful and knowledgeable every step of the way.  Thank you so much!"
  • Brittany
    "I was at my whits end with my 22 month old not sleeping very well and waking up between 4:30-5:30am on a regular basis.  I reached out for help and Siranush rescued my husband and I. Our son is now sleeping through the night and sleeping in later.  She has seriously been life changing for me and I highly recommend her to any and everyone  I also really appreciated her following up to see how things were going.  Siranush has definitely went above and beyond and I'm thankful for her knowledge."
  • Lily
    "My son was a great sleeper until he got sick- or so I thought.  Of course, as a working mom, some new habits were created and I soon found that my son was sleeping shorter and shorter stretches at night.  I reached out to Siranush to help me get my son back on track and learned that my son should have been sleeping 10-12 hours per night from the start, which he wasn't.  After working with Siranush, my one-year old is now sleeping 11 hours at night and taking a 1.5-2 hour nap in the day.  More importantly, I am no longer embarrassed to face his pediatrician because I can honestly tell him that I don't feed or rock my son to sleep anymore! I absolutely recommend reaching out to her if you need help teaching your baby how to sleep through the night! Thank you Siranush!"
  • Sarah
    "My husband and I were so happy to work with Siranush.  She was so passionate and determined to help our 9 month old daughter sleep through the night.  She helped keep us accountable and was always following up with us.  Our daughter now sleeps 11-12 hours a night and we couldn't have done it without her help!"
  • Neda
    "This is to thank you for helping us make our lives better, happier and healthier!  Daario is sleeping in his own room, often through the night, and has more energy in the daytime.   Thank you for being patient and persistent through the training.  We will recommend you to every toddler parent, and we will always remember the positive influence you have had in our life."